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This character is based on an original member of Nimbus Squad.

Wilnam Edi'lan Treaty is a middle-aged Sirius male who served in the AON Anti-Organized-Crime unit in New Jericho. Later, he was granted special military resources to colonize the planet of Harmony in the Nimbus System. After Nimbus collapsed into a black hole due to the instability of the Mistral Nebula, Wilnam took personal responsibility for every life lost. As of Miracle, he is aged 26 years and currently works as the chief overseer of the Nimbus Division, an experimental specops squad under the jurisdiction of the AON Department of Special Warfrare and the AON Department of Military Science.

Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Wilnam Treaty was born in 2455 to Acen Treaty and Natalie Treaty in Eskase, a small settlement located a few miles north of Equatoral City. After Natalie died in childbirth due to a rare birth disorder, Acen was left to raise his new son alone. While his father struggled with financial problems and emotional trauma, the young Wilnam managed to make life-long friends and do good in school. At age twelve, however, Wilnam became briefly involved with the Jawbreakers, a small gang led by a fifteen year old human known as "Cutt", which had had taken root in Eskase. Attracted by the idea of joining a group of humans, Wilnam was admitted into the gang, unaware of its violent nature. After witnessing a mugging in a back alley, Wilnam came home traumatized from the experience and vowed vengance on Cutt. After a few days of indecision he reported the activities to the local police, who were able to arrest Cutt and his top liutenants but also arrested a few of the younger, innocent members. The authorities were persuaded by Wilnam to release three members who hadn't committed any crimes, who returned to their families without any punishments from the AON. Acen was extremely proud of his son's actions, and rewarded Wilnam with a brand-new holopad for his birthday. His experience in the gang later influenced him to join the AON Anti-Organized Crime unit in New Jericho after he left Sirius.

Fall of Sirius

At age sixteen Wilnam left home to join the AON Military Academy of Sirius (or AMAS for short). Shocked by his first plebe year, he managed to befriend a few of his fellow cadets, including Halo Hark, Hayan Longsword, and Candy Tell. In his second year he became involved with Project: CASSIUS (Creative Armor Solutions for Sirius In Unique Situations), and was selected to beta test the male variant of the AON Unique Situations Armor, or AUSAr, while Candy Tell was selected to test the female variant. Although the AUSAr was quickly proven to be extremely combat-effective, the AUSAr MK. I was never mass-produced due to budget-exceeding costs. Nevertheless, Sam Types (who had been elected leader of the project as the previous leader had left) was able to develop sixteen MK. II variants, six which were given to male testers, six which were given to female testers, and two which were kept for improvement. Wilnam was allowed to keep the MK. I, since storage in the CASSIUS labs was limited and he wanted to keep the suit anyways.

The AUSAr MK. II was approved by the AON Department of Special Warfare for usage by Advanced Reconnaissance Evaluation Troopers, but never saw production. In 2471 the Swarm plague broke out on northern Sirius, and a planet-wide evacuation was ordered by the AON. After the power plant supplying the AMAS with power was taken offline by anarchists, the entire school was plunged into disarray. Students fled while instructors desperately attempted to rally soldiers to protect the academy. Wilnam, who had been in his forth and final year of academy training, was one of the first to be evacuated from Sirius, but volunteered to be redeployed to assist in the evacuation of Eskase. Upon arriving at the scene he had his first contact with the Swarm, but thanks to the advanced technology of the AUSAr he was able to hold off the attack long enough for the citizens, including his father, to be evacuated.

After volunteering for many more evacuation operations, including the defence of Equatorial City and Operation Rallying Cry, Wilnam, along with Halo, Candy, Sam and Hayan, were selected by for a secret civilian operation to recover an artifact from an ancient FIrst Builder temple in the northern hemisphere of Sirius. After the deaths of two of his childhood friends and the sacrifice of his own father, the Eskase militia was able to reactivate three ancient First Builder AI constructs from the installation. Following a close escape from the temple, the militia's long-range transmitter was damaged in an anarchist attack, and communication with the AON Evacuation Channel was lost. After fleeing by foot across Sirius for three days, the lost militia finally stumbled upon a derelict Sirius spaceship on a landing pad in a small ghost town. With anarchists hot on their heels and only an hour to repair the small vessel, the genius mind of Sam Types was able to repair the ship enough to make it spaceworthy. After almost being shot down by an anarchist speeder, the ship was able to escape the planet and meet up with an AON Intelligence Convoy awaiting their arrival. Once the three constructs were safe, Wilnam finally left Sirius to live as a refugee on Earth.

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