Good Day! This is the first issue of many data-logs I will be writing. These will be as you call them "News Articles". They are simply to inform you of current events happening across the El Doradan Star System. Enjoy!

Yarran Noble: Issue I

Just a few hours ago, Stak'passe troops landed in our very own Noble Bay. Yarran Forces were able to detain all but two units of troops. These two units are suspected to be somewhere within the inner wall sector, moving North-bound into a key communications port. All civilians are to report to the E.L.B. stations nearest their residency. It is believed there may be more forces on the way. All reserve troops are to report to base camps located on their coms immediately. Now, a word from our proud ruler, Daron Hinton.

~Daron Hinton~

Dear El Doradan Star System, I bring fourth disturbing news. An attempt to invade Yarria has taken place in the capital city, Noble Bay. Currently, we are preparing and evacuating all civilians from the sector. I call upon my great people to cooperate and pay attention. We are only to gain from this attack: they have given birth to many heroes in our society. Within the next few hours, I suspect nothing but the best from our fine military units. They have trained hard and will succeed. The best of luck to them. As for all Yarrans, who are spread across this vast universe, I urge you to send any information you find useful to the scrambler codes encrypted in your coms. T_____ you an__________________fi__t____________war!_________________________<ERROR*47*5783497***890****>

(Data-log connections intercepted. Emergency cut-off sent. Virus walls live)

~Silver Hinton~

I apologize for the choppy data-log, but it seems our connection has been tainted. My Royal Guard is working diligently to reconnect, but this may take some time. As you read, Stak'passe have tested a terrorist attack on my home world, Yarria. I am not sure of the city they speak of, although I do suspect it is not far from the capital I know of: Audia. I, myself, have taken nothing lightly from this and have formed appropriate files for the situation.Thera System will begin to see the effects very shortly after I meet with ****** and *******_*****. We will decide on the most logical file. If you wish to help, please refer to my Royal Guard Captain, Sergeant Yorba of Bellstoffe Risco. He will be briefed on what data-logs you will need to employ to your com. Thank you.

Please Note: Some names were altered to protect the identities of that being. Please respect their wishes. Thank you for your cooperation.

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