Lync's log, day one:

Earlier today I went out from the treehouse Jag, Duke, and I made in a jungle a few miles away from the AON Barracks. Everyone was in bed sleeping, so I decided to go and get some food or mine ore for us. I wandered about a mile away finding myself in a snow covered forest. Walking around looking for sheep, I nearly fell into a giant cave.

It went straight down at a fairly steady rate, so I made some cobblestone stairs down to some coal I saw. Going in further, I saw iron by the light of my torch. Nearby it there was a fork in the cave, one went to a seeming dead end and the other went down to some gold. Gold does not hold up very well, but the ore makes nice decoration, and besides, who wouldn't like to boast a golden axe? Making my way down, after mining, I noticed a fair amount of light coming from further down the stretch of cave. Carefully, I manuvered to the source of the light: lava.

I carefully made a cobblestone bridge over the river of molten rock, and what luck! I had found two patches of diamond ore around the bend of the magma river! After collecting my prize, I wondered what was even further down the stream. Finding a cave opening, I took my chances going even deeper. Walking along, not a care in the world, I heard something rattle. One word popped into my mind: Skeletons. I peeked around the corner and to my dismay, two skeleton dungeons, one right next to the other were before my eyes.

It did not take long for the undead warriors to notice my presence. Taking a few arrows in my shoulder, I found cover behind a pile of gravel and stone. What am I going to do!? I asked myself, my thoughts were interupted by a skeleton jumping over the rock I was behind and nearly connecting an arrow from his bow to my skull. I quickly dodged, straifing back and forth, I managed to fire three arrows, killing the monster. Instinct took over me now, I jumped over my barricade and dashed straight into one of the dungeons. Using my pickaxe to break the dark magic spawner they climbed out from, I quickly duck behind a chest in the room. Defeating the rest of the party, I took what was in the chest and bolted for the next dungeon. The events were fairly similar to the last, however an arrow gashed my lower leg. Afterwards, I mined some of the moss-covered stones on the dungeon floor.

I found my way back to the surface, making haste to get home. The comforting sight of our treehouse greeted me upon my return. The joy did not last long though. The sky started to look grim, foretelling a storm. As the down fall started, I made it to my workshop. The ore smelting now begins.

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