Hello there, readers! Its me, Wilnam, overseer of this wiki. These are the terms of use for the AON Universe wiki. I ask (well, actually demand) that you read them before using this wiki.

DO NOT edit this page!


AON Universe wiki is a Fan-based Role-playing wiki based off of LEGO Universe MMOG made by Netdevil, Gazillion Entertainment, and the LEGO Group. We are not making any actual money off of this Wiki, so I dearly hope that what we are building here is completely legal. If not, please tell me immediately.

This wiki is meant as a place to share and store me and all my friend's creative ideas, not as an actual LEGO wiki, so if your looking for a wiki about actual LEGO information, I suggest you go to Brickipedia.

This wiki was not entirely my idea, so a special thanks goes to all the brilliantly creative minds at Netdevil, Gazillion Entertainment, and the LEGO Group for coming up with the original ideas.

Also, thanks goes to all the loyal players, World Builders and Mythrans who played LEGO Universe and made amazing creations for all to see. If you see an article on this wiki based off of your creations, feel free to comment saying thanks! (Or no thanks, I'd be happy to remove the article if it bothers you or is illegal.)

This is not a LEGO Universe wiki, it is a role-playing wiki based on the game (As said above). If you are looking for a wiki on LEGO Universe, I suggest you go to LU Wiki.

Terms of User ContributionEdit

If you are interested in adding to this wiki, wonderful! It is excellent that this wiki's ideas inspire you, but there are some rules I'd like you to follow:

Please, if your going to add to this wiki, I ask that you use your best grammar possible, we are trying to aim for a formal setting here.

Respect copyrights! I want this wiki to be as legal as possible, so please tell me before you use anything, ANYTHING AT ALL, not affiliated with the LEGO group, Netdevil, or Gazillion Entertainment. Once I give permission, I expect you to give credit to whoever the copyright goes to (For example, if I made an article on Bob from LEGO Universe, I would give credit to Netdevil and the LEGO Group).

Please, no hating, griefing, or deleting information. We have worked hard on this, and it is extremely disrespectful to delete information from this wiki, or ruin its contents for personal sake.

Respectfully, tell me before you add anything new. I appreciate to know before you add it so I can incorporate it into the storyline to make your idea even better.

Please, no swearing or inapproprate references. As I said before, we are trying to keep a formal setting, so please, no swearing or sexual references. I am able to make exceptions, if it absolutely must be in the article, but other than that, please use fake swear words (Like Minifigure swear words).

Please be able to moderate the use of pictures. I would appreciate that all photos in the wiki be LEGO-related, and not be of people, but exceptions can be made. But absolutely no personal photos, copyrighted photos, photos you are unauthorized to post, or photos that show too much. Think seven-year-old-friendly.

Please be able to moderate the use of videos the same way you are able to moderate pictures. The same rules apply, except no stealing videos and claiming them as your own without permission.

Please obey Wikia's terms of use. This wiki is owned by me AND Wikia, so their rules apply.

Please make a Wikia account before you edit this wiki. I cannot be able to identify you if your known as A Wikia Contributor.

DO NOT post personal information. You are allowed to post pictures of your LEGO bricks, give gaming information such as usernames, and chat, but DO NOT directly give any personal information about yourself. We ask that you do that on your Email, Twitter, Facebook, or Blog.

Please, don't be racist. Its wrong, disrespectful and will earn you nothing.


If you do not follow the rules, then your page will be removed from this wiki.

Anything illegal is in the hands of the Police Department to punish.

If you are inapproprate to other users, there is a three strike system. Two strikes are a warning, three is your content will no longer be on this wiki for a month.

So please... Obey the rules.

Thanks for reading this (If you did) and sorry for being long and boring, but rules are rules! If you don't agree with one, please tell me using the AON Universe wiki Chat Room.

You may now proceed to the Table of Contents!

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