This is the Special Thanks page. It thanks everyone who helped AON get this far. So to all the people on this page...



Thanks to...Edit

Wikia, for being able to make this Wiki possible.

Microsoft and Toshiba, for making my computer, and all my digital adventures possible.

Otrodil from LEGO Universe, for building the LEGO Universe property that fueled my desire for role-play, and hosted many of my "ancestor's" adventures.

Big thanks to...Edit

Higro, who fueled my love for LEGO Space, who wanted to build me a space station, and who fueled my final role-play on LEGO Universe, and who sadly was tricked by luck into not being on on the final day.

RickyRedwing, who helped AON survive her first two months. You will be missed!

The retired members of the AON LEGO Universe gaming clan, including PopularArmoredAntelope, NexusReporter, Frindle, FamousMightyPapaya, VearaThunder (AKA Blythe) and Momothegreat. Thank you for your service to the political world of LEGO Universe!

Special thanks to...Edit

The Active Duty AON members, for driving me forward, always being there, and being boss to play video games with. Stay gold, guys!

All the members of teams in LEGO Universe. You shaped the LU political world, and helped me stay occupied with one of the best games the Internet has ever seen. 'Yall will be missed!

The teams and members within United Minifigs Clan Government, including the team known as Hood whose members included xtrememe7, Ash502, and GlitchFailedMachine, and the members of the team known as NEST, including Duke247, AceMetalAsteroid, Ghost (I can't remember your full username, sorry!) and, WalonVau.

Very special thanks to...Edit

The World Builder league, for making four of the coolest worlds ever!

The LEGO Universe developlent team, for developing the funnest game ever made, and losing their jobs for the sake of their fans. That is a perfect example of martyrism.

The Mythran Team, like Oceanbella, and Jephliinga (I'm pretty sure thats how you spell it) for moderating LEGO Universe, and keeping the younger fans safe from harm. I salute you.

Extra special thanks to...Edit

The Mythran Shival, for giving all the loyal fans their wildest dreams, and for giving me the dream of flight, and for breaking the rules of moderating- No, EXCEEDING them to pay back the fans for what they were about to lose. Your name will be echoed throughout LEGO history. Thank you.

The Mythran Mojo, for granting me level 45 in the last week. I owe you one!

So, on my behalf, thanks. I owe you all. Thanks!

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